System requirements assignment point

The thesis is about an inventory management system for a pharmaceutical company and an interactive system that stays in touched with its member and how it relates to an organization, improving performance, and achieving objectives for profitability and growth.

In any project, the project developer should use an approach to study and solution of problems in a particular field using computer based system. Pharmacy inventory management system is complex systems that consist of interrelated and interlocking subsystems. Changes in one part of the Inventory system have both anticipated and unanticipated consequences in other part of the system. The project approach is a way of thinking about the analysis and design of computer based application.

It provides a framework for visualizing the organization and environmental factors that operate on a inventory management system. When computer introduced into an organization, various functions and dysfunctions operate on the user as well as the organization.

Among the positive consequences are improved performance and a feeling of achievement with quality information. The pharmaceutical sector is growing one in Bangladesh:. Pharmaceutical sector in Bangladesh today symbolizes name — a state of mind.

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But its journey to the growth and prosperity has been no bed of roses. This sector plays a vital role in the economical growth of Bangladesh. Many of our native pharmaceutical company export their medicines and other products outside the country.

By exporting the products they earn a lot of foreign money that plays an important effect in our country. By utilizing the manpower of Bangladesh this sector can help to solve the un-employments problem in Bangladesh. The government of Bangladesh has realized the importance of improving the pharmaceutical sector in Bangladesh.

For this, the govt. Competition between Native and Multinational companies in our local market:. After the implementation of the NDP innearly drug formulations were deemed hazardous or of no therapeutic value, and were gradually banned. Moreover, they were not permitted to import or manufacture a number of drugs locally if similar products were already being made in the country.In this modern world everyting depends on technology.

system requirements assignment point

Without technology we can not do anything. Everybody purchases some thing. But our life is very busy. So we do not have enough time to total Information of a Student. So the Student Information system was developed. A Student Information System is one building where we can find everything that we need in our daily Student Information is a modern system.

System Analysis & Design - System Design

A Team must manage this total system. But we use Student Information System to properly manage total system eithin short time and esasily. Using If we can properly manage Student Information System and any kind of report. We can generate any kind of report any time. A Student Information may have many problems. The can be categorized as follwas.

Using this Student Information system one can properly manage Student Infomation and any kind of customized report. If they use an automation system they can prevent many kinds of corruption, which is very important for any kind of Student Information.

Chapter This project is completed by the platform of visual studio and SQL server as the backend and using the two tier application architecture. It is used to develop console and graphical user interface applications along with Windows Forms applications, web sites, web applications, and web services in both native code together with managed code for all platforms supported by Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile, Windows CE.

NET Framework. Visual Studio includes a code editor supporting IntelliSense as well as code refactoring. The integrated debugger works both as a source-level debugger and a machine-level debugger.

Other built-in tools include a forms designer for building GUI applications, web designer, class designer, and database schema designer. It accepts plug-ins that enhance the functionality at almost every level—including adding support for source-control systems like Subversion and Visual SourceSafe and adding new toolsets like editors and visual designers for domain-specific languages or toolsets for other aspects of the software development lifecycle like the Team Foundation Server client: Team Explorer.

Visual Studio supports different programming languages by means of language services, which allow the code editor and debugger to support to varying degrees nearly any programming language, provided a language-specific service exists. NET via Visual Basic. Support for other languages such as M, Python, and Ruby among others is available via language services installed separately. Visual Studio does not support any programming language, solution or tool intrinsically, instead allows the plugging of functionality coded as a VS Package.

When installed, the functionality is available as a Service. In addition, the IDE is also responsible for coordinating and enabling communication between services. All editors, designers, project types and other tools are implemented as VS Packages. The services can then be consumed for creation of other packages, which add functionality to the Visual Studio IDE.

A language service defines various interfaces which the VS Package implementation can implement to add support for various functionalities. Functionalities that can be added this way include syntax coloring, statement completion; brace matching, parameter information tooltips, member lists and error markers for background compilation.

If the interface is implemented, the functionality will be available for the language. Language services are to be implemented on a per-language basis. The implementations can reuse code from the parser or the compiler for the language. Language services can be implemented either in native code or managed code.

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All Rights Reserved.Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. The assessment system we envision builds on discussion in the previous chapters of the report. The committee concludes that tasks composed of multiple interrelated questions would best serve this purpose. Chapter 3 describes approaches to developing these types of tasks so that they provide evidence to support the desired inference.

Chapters 4 and 5 present examples and discuss strategies for developing assessments for use, respectively, in the classroom and to provide evidence for monitoring purposes. We propose that an assessment system should be composed both of assessments designed to support classroom teaching and learning Chapter 4 and those designed for monitoring purposes Chapter 5.

In addition, the system should include a series of indicators to monitor that the students are provided with adequate opportunity to learn science in the ways laid out in A Framework for K Science Education: Practices.

Such a system might take various forms and would include a range of assessment tools that have each been designed and validated to serve specific purposes and to minimize unintended negative consequences.

We begin with the rationale for a systems approach to assessment, describing how an assessment system influences student learning and curriculum and instruction directly and indirectly and discussing the influence that accountability goals can have on the design of an assessment system. In the last section we describe a set of components and the characteristics that an effective assessment system should have and recommend strategies for developing such a system. As discussed throughout this report, the purposes for which information about student learning is needed should govern the design and use of assessments.

These purposes may include. Implicit in each assessment purpose are one or more mechanisms through which the assessment is intended to have some beneficial effect.

system requirements assignment point

That is, assess. Similarly, providing teachers with quick-turnaround feedback on student learning might be intended to help them pace instruction in an optimal way, highlight individual learning difficulties so they can provide individualized remediation, and guide ongoing refinement of curriculum and instructional practices.

Assessments that provide overall information about student learning might be used to evaluate the quality of instruction at the school, district, or state level in order to determine where to focus policy interventions. Assessments used for accountability purposes may be designed to hold teachers or schools and their principals accountable for ensuring that students achieve the specified level of progress.

Some of these action mechanisms are direct, in that the information provided by the test scores is used to inform decisions, such as to guide instruction or to make decisions about student placement.

Other mechanisms are indirect, in that the testing is intended to influence the behavior of students, teachers, or educational administrators by providing them with incentives to improve test performance hence, achievement. Assessments can provide teachers and administrators with examples of effective assessment practices that can be incorporated into instruction. Systems that involve teachers in the assessment design and scoring process provide them with an opportunity to learn about the ways students learn certain concepts or practices and about the principles and practices of valid assessment.

Similarly, students who must pass an examination to receive a high school diploma may work harder to learn the content to be tested than they would without that requirement. Elementary grade teachers might invest more time and effort in science teaching if science test results were among the factors considered in accountability policies.

For example, the content and format of testing send signals to textbook writers, teachers, and students about what it is important to learn Haertel, ; Ho, Test questions that are made public and media reports of student results may help educate both educational professionals and the broader public about science learning and its importance. Value of a System of Assessments. Clearly, no single assessment could possibly serve the broad array of purposes listed above.

Different assessment purposes require different kinds of assessment data, at different levels of detail, and produced with different frequency. The arguments for the value of an assessment system have been made before e. A systems approach to science assessment was advocated and described in considerable detail in Systems for State Science Assessment National Research Council, and is reinforced in the new framework National Research Council, a.

More recently, a systems approach was recommended in connection with the implementation of the Common Core State Standards in Criteria for High-Quality Assessments Darling-Hammond et al. These reports all call for a balanced, integrated, and coherent system in which varied assessment strategies, each intended to answer different kinds of questions and provide different degrees of specificity, produce results that complement one another.Today, software is the key element in the evolution of computer based systems and products.

It is seen that many Industries use various software to implement their programs. They are currently using paper-based system. The Head office is situated at Motijheel far away from the industry. The head office or the authority wants to know about various goods of products or raw materials of store every now and then. The store department often fails to produce instant report of stock as it is paper based and that causes various obstacles.

Courseworks completed training application instructions

Reporting or any query becomes a lengthy process, which is undesired for a reported industry. Generally, a Stock Management System means a system that comes under some systematic and defined protocols with some sequential rules and regulations, data storage with convenient searching and retrieval, a clear interaction between the subsystems all of which are strictly maintained by computer software and hardware.

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The main purpose of a Stock a Management System is to collect and store information for all materials in that Industry in an efficient and effective manner, so that information can be collected with ease as required.

Economy of Bangladesh is largely dependent on the garments sector. It has attracted worldwide attention in the sector of garments. International quality compliances are made at every stage. Here about 1. Bangladesh is placed 12 among the garments manufacturing countries in the world.

system requirements assignment point

But this sector still has a lot of untapped potential. Moreover, this sector is still using aged old traditional system for all its tasks. There are lots of scope to automate many of its tasks which will not only increase their productivity but also will help them to take decisions in no times.

So this sector really demands automated in its own rights. The company handles a large volume of important data and papers everyday. Store department maintains stock of all necessary goods or products or row materials of all section of the whole industry.

Point of Sale Software System Requirements, Specifications, and Hardware

To perform all these tasks the store department must follow the final date and within that date the related task must be recorded. The store department is using paper-based system that means they are using individual register books for individual goods or parts or raw materials or products.

Most of the information is preserved in a scattered way. As a result they are facing lots of difficulties such as. A several visits to the company were made and information about their present system was collected. Hence the above discussion with MSL, it was proposed to develop a web based computerized Stock Management System in place of their current manual system which will solve many of their problems.Nothing in life comes in a standard form.

People are different shapes and sizes, as are the products they buy. Packaging can be very simple, or borderline hyperactive. The industries that small business owners participate in vary even more wildly, making it impossible to create a blanket statement that holds true in all cases. And unfortunately, the same holds true for small businesses and the POS technology that they rely on to keep things humming along. Not only do point of sale solution requirements change with the size of the business, but they are also highly dependent on the configuration requirements of any particular industry.

As you can imagine, this can quickly become very confusing and may tempt you to wave the white flag. Before you give up and surrender to the legacy register on your checkout counter or your spreadsheets and piles of receipts on your office desk, pause for a moment. Take some time to review this short comparison of POS technologies, and discover how they work for a variety of industry types and business models.

This will give you the perspective you need to make a decisive choice about the POS technology you should be using within your own business. One industry that has consistent POS solution requirements regardless of size or genre is the retail industry.

Developing a strict inventory control strategy, while leveraging data to stay on top of consumer trends, has a foundational place in any retail setting. Monitoring sales transactions for potential points of product leakage, while ensuring that returns, exchanges, or voids are handled correctly, are just a few of the ways a modern POS solution can help a retailer of any size. The ability to readily scan in items the moment they arrive, and tracking them until sold is another requirement that all retailers have.

Using an app-equipped smartphone to quickly scan items, or using a tablet with your POS loaded onto it to perform a checkout or place a special order are a few more ways that retailers can leverage advanced POS technology.

These provide an easy avenue to build a better experience for customers while improving profit margins. The food services industry is much different than retail and will have a variety of nuances based on the type of food service being provided.

Some of the most common aspects, such as online ordering, kitchen display systems, and managing tips, can be discussed as a general need across all foodservice genres.

Here are some other POS specifics that common foodservice and restaurant genres may require to complete their POS platforms. While many of these POS functions can translate into most any foodservice genre, they will need to be configured and scaled to fit the particular needs of each business model.

Understanding these differences, and applying the most applicable features to your restaurant or foodservice business will help you to design and implement a POS system that meets the demands of your particular business scenario.

There are perhaps no other industries more devoted to creating a comfortable, relaxing environment for patrons than salons and spas. These business types not only have the task of making things as easy as possible for their customers but must also keep staff calm and relaxed at all times.Cardihope Heart Centre is a triple storey building.

It has been guarded by four security guards two at each gate. There is a garden in the clinic to give a soothing and refreshing feeling to its patients and visitors and to maintain it, two gardeners have been hired. There are six cleaners and eight ward boys who work on shifts at day and night.

They have seven different types of testing units that help to determine the nature of the disease and eleven different surgical units to cure these heart related diseases. Cardiac failure always needs urgent treatment therefore an emergency unit has also been developed with twenty four hours service to meet any emergency case.

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There exists a laboratory which examines blood, urine etc. All this acquires the best of imported machineries and professionals to handle them the right way. An X-ray department has also been developed which is handled by three X-ray technicians and an in charge of the X-ray department. The clinic has twelve doctors, four doctors with different specializations and a team of four cardiologists and four other doctors.

Two doctors are always present at daytime and two at night duty, while other doctors have fixed timings that can be called on any time for emergency requirements. Fifteen nurses are employed to assist the doctors who also work in day and night shifts. A highly qualified managing director has been appointed, under whose supervision all kinds of transactions take place.

The official staffs include two receptionists, two cashiers, a manager, an accounts officer and two clerks. Four ambulances are also part of Cardihopes property that can be called through telephone to meet emergency requirements and to drive them four drivers have been employed.

The clinic has set a charity fund department. This department donates the amount required for the treatment to those who cannot afford the expenses of the clinic. The clinic has a cafeteria and a pharmacy; both of them are given on rent that in return pays them a fixed amount monthly. The doctor writes a receipt for the patient after a regular check-up, which has to be produced by the patient at the reception for the payment.

If the patient has come in an emergency situation then he is quickly hurried to the ICU and all the doctors and nurses on duty are called. Blood samples and urine samples are taken and sent to the laboratory for tests. All the details of the patient are written in the emergency forms.


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